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They All Fall Down – A Halloween Brain Game

Ever wished you had an app that would provide a simple interactive way to exercise your brain. Well, guess what, this is it!!

Introducing They All Fall Down, this Halloween version offers the latest way to exercise your brain by simply stacking blocks. Remember when you were a kid, stacking blocks thrilled you for hours? This app provides the same type of brain training, but at an adult level.

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We spent many hours perfecting every part of this project in order to bring you the best quality possible because we’re passionate users as well!

Key Features:
• Clean, colorful graphics
• Fun sound effects
• Compete with your friends on the Game Center Leaderboard
• Connect with Facebook, Twitter, and Email

How to Play:
• Tap the screen to make the bat drop the moving block
• Stack the blocks carefully to avoid toppling over
• Keep stacking, the sky is the limit

If you have any questions or comments, visit us online (www.flintriverappz.com). Please send us your feedback or write a review. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for downloading They All Fall Down!