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Alien Destruction: Brick-Breaker

The ruthless alien overlords and their minion have invaded the solar system and have seized control of all planets except Earth. In this brick breaker game, it is up to you to destroy the alien overlords and their minion, stop the alien invasion, and save the solar system from total alien overlord domination.

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Key Features:

• Launch top secret weapons to destroy the alien overlords and their minion
• Use the bonuses to increase the level of damage
• 6 chapter with 16 levels in each chapter = 96 total levels
• Three Stars on each level
• 10 free lives that regenerate one at a time every 10 seconds
• Purchase new lives to continue the fun at a faster pace
• Review all chapters to find the surprise

You control the spaceship:
• Tap anywhere to launch a weapon
• Touch the paddle to move it left or right

We spent many hours perfecting every part of this project in order to bring you the best quality possible because we’re passionate users as well!

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