About Us

Flint River Appz LLC was founded in April of 2014, in Huntsville, Alabama. Flint River Appz LLC is an application software (app) development company. The company is primarily focused on new custom app development for Apple Inc. mobile devices.


Following re-organization and downsizing at a major tier 1 defense contractor, I was laid off. I had a total of 24 plus years of experience working in and around software development. Most all of my experience had been from a systems engineering point of view. I had spent many hours gathering requirements, working system level design, assisting code writers, testing developed software products, and delivering and maintaining software products on-site. Later I moved into project management where I managed operations & maintenance, system integration & test, project risk assessment, process improvement, and technical support. My whole working life revolved around assessing user requirements and developing a quality product that met or exceeded the customer’s expectations.


I decided it was time I put these skills and experience to work on my own company.